Your output have been incredible lately. I'm so grateful for your big cartel and communications. And you keeping TG alive in between comic runs, which quite frankly are amaaaazing and hard to believe we have had so much amazing content over the years. It's easy to imagine that TG would have just disappeared after Deadline and we'd all be sitting around saying wasn't it amazing, wish it was still going. But it's not, its all still here and I love it. Keep on keeping on dude!! 💯

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Oct 6Liked by Alan C. Martin

I would still love to see you put together something like P Bond did with his Ink 12" album shaped art thingy @Kickstarter https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/pjbondink/ink-12-volume-one

Except do it all Tank Girl style with guest artists? Or a challenge coin... but overall, I'd just like to see more comic books, or an Armadillo vol2.... smoke something and get creative. I live vicariously through you, so I'm counting on you!

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Oct 10Liked by Alan C. Martin

Such a beautiful release this. Your old soldier is hanging out with my mini TG and Booga now. Loved the write up too, thank you so much for releasing this.

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